Shocking new film The Love You Give shows why Brits shouldn’t volunteer at orphanages on holiday

A SHOCKING new film called The Love You Give has been released to encourage Brits not to volunteer at orphanages abroad, in countries such as Kenya.
It exposes the truth behind volunteer programmes, including the fact that many orphans actually have living parents that they have been separated from.
Many children in orphanages still have a living parent that they have been taken away fromNeelam Keshwala volunteered because she wanted to feel like she was giving backVolunteer Neelam Keshwala explains: “I was looking for volunteering experience. That self-satisfaction you get from it. I wanted to think, ‘Yes I helped this person.’”
When she got to her programme she revealed that she thought, “Oh my god, this is so cool, it’s like a playground and I want to be part of it. I was so excited.”
She explained that when she got home from her programme she read about the orphanages and was astonished to discover that many orphans aren’t actually orphans at all and have a parent who is alive.
They are often removed from this parent and don’t see them again, while the orphanage functions as a business, making money from those who come and volunteer at it.
Children are affected for the rest of their lives after they are separated from their familiesRuth Wacuka from the Kenya Society of Care Leavers went back to visit the orphanage she grew up in, and found it very emotionalShe said: “It’s a massive, wider industry.
“And this will always affect these children as they grow up – they’ve never had one consistent person.”
Ruth Wacuka from the Kenya Society of Care Leavers, grew up in an orphanage after her mum walked out on her and her four siblings.
She had a grandmother, but she was to unwell to care for five children.
Ruth explained: “You feel like an animal in a zoo.”
The volunteer tourism industry is valued at £134billion per yearShe also said that kids are coached to tell the volunteers and visitors that they don’t know where they came from, unwittingly feeding into the lie.
The film also touches on the fact that children brought up in orphanages find it hard to integrate into society and have a higher chance of having mental health problems.
Being removed from their families will therefore go on to affect these children for the rest of their lives in many different ways.
The volunteer tourism industry is valued at £134billion per year.
Later on Ruth goes back to visit the orphanage she grew up in.
The film urges potential volunteers to think again before they head to an orphanage abroadThrough tears, she says: “Close to 300 of us were here. This is the first time I’ve come back to visit since I left this place in 2007. It’s bringing back a lot of emotions.”
Ruth explained that she is no longer angry about her past, but is using it as a “tool” to educate others.
The film urges people to “change how they volunteer” to stop this manipulation of children and families.
You can see a link to the full film here.



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